Google’s New Mobile Friendly Algorithm

Do you have a mobile friendly website?

The change is coming… On April 21st 2015 google will put in place its new algorithm for mobile searches placing websites that are deemed “mobile friendly” higher in mobile search rankings.

What does that mean??

If your curently enjoying a high ranking search spot on google search, this could be about to change. If you have not yet optimised your site for this mobile friendly change then you could loose out on your top spot and be bumped down the rankings.

If you have not yet made your site mobile friendly then now is the time!

You have a website how do You find out if yours is mobile friendly?

To find out if your site is mobile friendly you can use googles developer tools free of charge.

Take the mobile friendly test

This test will show you if you do have a mobile friendly website. If not google will provide helpful links on what needs to be done.

mobile friendly images - invisible services

For a deeper look into what needs to be done to improve your score you can visit googles page insights.

Visit Googles page insights for more detail.

This will show you what you need to do to improve your page speeds and user friendlyness.

How can i make my website mobile friendly?

Invisible Services is here to help! we can optimise your website to become mobile friendly or even update your website. All our website designs are mobile friendly, include SEO, Retina Ready and are responsive so they can be viewed on all devices. Head on over to Invisible Web for more info on our website designs.

Don’t miss out and have your business lose its place, update today with Invisible Web and let us do the hard work so you can concentrate on what you do best.

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