Should you pay for a website designer?

In this day and age do we really need website designers when most hosting companies offer you a free website builder with previous skills needed?

In short.. It depends on why you want to be online!

Ive seen and used a lot of Web Builders which hosting companies bundle in with there hosting package for free. They are great for the average business and you can build a great looking website with relative ease and little or no web building skills or knowledge. You can select from a few pre built templates then upload your photos and type in some text and then go live and hey presto your business is now online and you can give your self a high five…

So whats the problem?

The problem comes when you start scratching your head wondering why you can’t find your site on google search. You start looking around asking questions and posting online or even contact customer services, only to find out that you have to pay for SEO and most of the time you pay an ongoing monthly charge for these features. The hi-five you gave yourself earlier turns into more head scratching as you wonder what the hell is SEO and how do i do it…

So you get you’re mobile phone out and start learning about SEO and think…Oh let me check my site out on my mobile! yes its really hard to read the text isn’t it? your site is not mobile friendly. Yet another ongoing monthly charge is needed it order for your web hosting company to optimise your site for a mobile device be it a mobile phone or tablet.

So back to my initial question –¬†Should you pay for a website designer when most hosting companies offer you a free website builder with previous skills needed?

If your after a website that doesn’t need to feature high up in Google, Bing & Yahoo’s search rankings and don’t need your site to be mobile friendly then No you don’t need a web designer

If you need a website to promote your business by featuring in all the major search engines and be responsive so it resizes to all devices then yes you do need a website designer. It may seem a huge investment but done correctly your site can bring in new customers or allow your information to be seen by a much wider audience.

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